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Health and fitness is our inspiration, superfoods are our passion. We are a unique independent frozen coconut yoghurt company based in Sheffield that specialises in bringing you a healthy, fresh and delicious dessert. Our coconut yoghurt is dairy-free, gluten-free, soya-free and guilt-free. Fro is healthy alternative for the summer sunshine.

We provide scrumptious toppings to allow you to customise your frozen yoghurt, whether that’s with vitalising superfoods or a sweeter treat.

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Don't settle for boring catering; try something new, exciting and healthy.
We are available for all your special occasions.
Fro by Joy offers a unique healthy and refreshing delight with customisable toppings anywhere, anytime.

Fro by Joy offers 100s of different flavours of frozen yoghurt to cater to your tastes.
We can accommodate specific requests such as:

  • Dairy-free
  • Sugar-free
  • High protein
  • Gluten-free

Please contact us for further information and package costs.


My childhood friend moved to America back in High School but we made sure we kept in contact and I have been able to visit her ever since. Every time I landed in the States the first thing I wanted was a tub of fresh frozen yoghurt.

It was always the perfect post-flight treat and the novelty of being able to pull multiple flavours into a tub, piling it high with American pleasures was the greatest way to reunite; I got thinking about how I could bring fro yo to the UK.

Whilst studying at uni in Cardiff I took my idea and pitched to the student enterprise team about how I would take frozen yoghurt around the country attending fairs, festivals and private events. With their help I was able to launch Fro by Joy.


9-10 July
16 July
17 July
Sharrowvale Market
23-24 July
30-31 July
Skipton Food Festival

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